Private Lessons: 

          30 minute weekly lesson = $84 a month

Semi-Private Lessons: (2 students)

          45 minute weekly lesson = $65 a month per student

Group Lessons: (3-4 students)

          45 minute weekly lesson = $50 a month per student 

                                  (groups are subject to change based on enrollment)

Homeschool Music Courses: 

           Check individual course for rates.

  All Group Lessons begin the first week in September and run until the last week of May. (36 classes)

  Private lessons run year round, with the option of flexible summer scheduling.

Group lessons are based on a yearly tuition that is divided between 36 weeks of classes.

A yearly schedule will be given to you in September. Tuition  ($45/$60/$84) is due the first week of each month regardless of whether there are 3, 4, or 5 weeks in the month.  Credits will only be given for teacher cancellations due to illness or inclement weather.

If a group lesson loses students, the group lesson will remain on the schedule and will meet for up to six weeks. If after six weeks no new students have joined, the group lesson will down-size to semi-private, or private respectively with coinciding rate change. 

 Private lessons are based on a flat rate each month which reserves your weekly lesson time slot. Most of the time there are four lessons in a month and occasionally there are five, but the rate remains the same regardless of the amount of weeks during the month. (exceptions to this would be if the studio is closed--then the student would be given a credit for the missed lesson) If you start lessons in the middle of the month we will pro-rate the fee for anything less than four weeks. We don't reschedule lessons; the flat rate is strictly time reserve.

Rates are evaluated every May and are subject to possible cost of living increase for the upcoming school year.